Norman, OK – Cold laser therapy or low level laser therapy is a treatment that uses a  laser or multiple lasers to treat pain due to arthritis or “bone on bone” pain in the knee. It’s also known as “soft lasers”. If you have been told you need a knee replacement or have actually had a knee replacement Cold Laser Therapy should be a serious consideration.

“Because the treatments are painless, take only minutes everyone with knee pain should consider this option”, says Dr. Tracy Ellis, who’s Cold Laser Knee Pain Therapy has become a very popular treatment in Central Oklahoma.  “Over the years, I have performed over 4000 treatments in my office and I have found nothing works better for chronic knee pain.”

Cold laser therapy works by increasing theserotonin levels to help your body heal itself. The therapy is painless and non-surgical. The laser penetrates the surface of the skin and underlying tissues to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. The low level laser light is actually a compressed wavelength of the red spectrum of light, or the cool part.

During the cold laser procedures, body cells, collagen exposed to photon energy, which in turn increases cell metabolism and to help develop muscle tissue, improves circulation, stimulates tissue regeneration and healing of wounds and stimulates immune and nervous system.

Medical grade Lasers should only be administered in the direct supervision of a Doctor.

If you suffer from knee pain or osteoarthritis of the knee and you want to avoid surgery then Dr. Ellis’ Cold Laser Knee Program may be the answer to your knee pain. Dr. Ellis’ Cold Laser Knee Pain Program is a painless, high tech, non-surgical treatment that combines low-level laser treatments (cold laser treatments), non-weight bearing exercises, and other therapies that promote rehabilitation of the knee.  Every patient’s program is different depending on whether they suffer from arthritis, ‘bone on bone’, tendonitis, Baker’s Cyst, failed knee surgeries  To find out if you’re a candidate for Dr. Ellis’ Cold Laser Knee Program call his office 405-579-3400

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